ADR services for the neutral, efficient, timely and just resolution of complex and intractable disputes.


We are one of America’s most experienced Arbitration, Mediation and Private Justice firms.

It was founded in 1990 by its president, former business executive, counsel, lawyer and patent attorney, Reginald A. Holmes. The firm operates and provides services worldwide from offices operations in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Chicago, Atlanta and Shanghai.

The initial focus of the firm was counseling, representing and litigating for clients with Business, employment, entertainment, intellectual property and international law issues. Since it founding, the firm has over time evolved from a traditional law firm with an exclusive representation focus to a firm with a primary focus on the provisioning of customized neutral services for the efficient, timely and just resolution of complex and intractable disputes.

With each assignment, the firm’s founder employs deep up to date industry knowledge, insider wisdom and knowledge of business practices, law and depute resolution techniques, methods and strategies to maximize results to its service beneficiaries. These techniques, methods and strategies, coupled with tremendous professional and life experience, are deployed to successfully resolve the most complex, intractable and interesting of disputes across the full spectrum of human endeavor. The firm has successfully resolved thousands of disputes. Amounts in disputes have ranged from a few thousand dollars to hundred’s million dollars.

Services are delivered primarily in the capacity of a Mediator, Arbitrator, Settlement counsel/advisor, Conciliator, Facilitator, Special Master, private judge and/or Private Justice. On a very selective case-by-case basis, The Holmes Law Firm continues to represent public, corporate and private clients within its areas of expertise and interests.

The firm’s tag line effectively encapsulates its mission and calling:

“Engineering just resolutions of complex disputes.”

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