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Dispute Resolution Philosophy

The Holmes Law Firm’s resolution philosophy is grounded on the notion that every dispute or conflict can be resolved in an orderly, structured fashion provided that the resolution of the dispute is desired by the parties.

We believe that every dispute is unique and hence every resolution must be customized to suit the needs of the parties and the opportunities and challenges of the dispute with which they are confronted. We simultaneously draw from a deep well of experience and prior casework while avoiding an overly inflexible cookie-cutter approach to issues.

The Resolution Process

The dispute is examined in an evaluative process involving the following stages:

  1. Determine the resolution goals and objectives of the client, parties and attorneys who seek our help.
  2. Collaboratively examine and determine the real and perceived interests of all stakeholders (especially the client and/or parties and others with direct pecuniary or property rights interests).
  3. Examine the facts, law, entities and individuals involved, the resolution climate, the desired outcome(s) of the client and/or parties and the time, costs and resources that the client or parties want to or can commit to the resolution of the dispute.
  4. Drawing from the firm’s prior experience, capabilities and expertise, formulate a resolution strategy that best accommodates the client and/or parties involved.

The resolution strategy is pursued via a selected resolution tool (or the series or parallel application of multiple resolution tools, e. g. negotiation, collaboration, arbitration, mediation, conciliation, litigation, facilitation, and consultation). In effect, in collaboration with the parties and their counsel we “engineer” a resolution structure or approach to resolution of the dispute.

This approach defines our engineering orientation towards the resolution of disputes. In this pursuit of a satisfactorily engineered resolution for the client and/or parties, a premium is placed on efficiency, timeliness, cost containment, fairness and meeting the expectations of the attorneys/parties and all significant stakeholders. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the highest level of Private Justice for the clients, parties and attorneys with whom we work.

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