Private Justice and ADR Pathways

The Holmes Law Firm’s frequently lauded tag line “We engineer the just resolution of complex disputes” describes what we do. However, it is the term “Private Justice” that describes why we do it.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is often used synonymously with Private Justice, however we prefer to view them somewhat differently. ADR encompasses a wide variety of tools we use to help achieve an objective for our service beneficiaries, and can simply be viewed as a multifaceted way to resolve disputes in a manner other than through the formal mechanisms of the public courts. Examples of ADR techniques include facilitation, conciliation, mediation, early neutral evaluation, private arbitration, court annexed mediation, court annexed arbitration, court annexed settlement conferences, non-binding arbitration, and many others.

Our Definition of Private Justice

While The Holmes Law Firm has employed all manners of ADR procedures on thousands of occasions to aid our service beneficiaries in the resolution of their disputes and our expertise in this regard is second to none in the world, ADR only describes our process in achieving our goals. The actual concept which motivates us, and ultimately informs our decisions, is Private Justice.

If ADR is the toolbox, then Private Justice is what guides the engineer. The latter is interested in a resolution that works for all parties and is resilient, fair and just. The Holmes Law Firm strives to fill this role, by providing a route to Private Justice via mechanisms for the private, self directed, impartial and just resolution of their disputes.

We define Private Justice in 3 different ways depending on the context:

  1. A dispute impartially, fairly and properly resolved through the use of ADR processes and procedures in accord with law, equity and contract and in accordance with cultural, community and industry or subject matter standards.
  2. The utilization of ADR processes and procedures to impartially, fairly and justly resolve disputes between and among parties in accordance with their original contractual intent.
  3. An individual neutral engaged in the profession of privately and justly resolving disputes via the application of ADR processes and procedures

To our knowledge no one else defines Private Justice as we do. Lacking this kind of overarching philosophy, ADR has often been sold by other firms as a cost-effective alternative to courts; however, we believe that ADR coupled with Private Justice is in fact a higher quality alternative when pursued with the proper ideals, techniques and discipline.

Our Dedication

Since its inception, The Holmes Law Firm has dedicated itself to the utilization of ADR processes and procedures to fairly, impartially and justly resolve complex disputes between and among parties in accordance with their original contractual intent. The delivery of these ADR services is our calling, and it amounts to nothing less than the provisioning of Private Justice to our service beneficiaries. We believe that Private Justice is the ultimate object and must become the secured future of ADR, a field in which too many opportunistic competitors present themselves as a cheap alternative to official courts without the necessary passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives.

We do it because we care. We do it for the Private Justice.

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